Dolphin feeding in Tin Can Bay

Tin Can Bay is located on the Fraser Coast, about 30 minute drive from Rainbow Beach and 1 hour 15 minutes to Hevery Bay.  Tin Can Bay isn't on the backpacker radar but it's a great location for couples and families, probably best known as a dolphin feeding spot. Located in Norman Point at the… Continue reading Dolphin feeding in Tin Can Bay


8 common misconceptions about Australia

1. It's always hot - When you imagine Australia you probably imagine the outback on a steaming hot day but guess what it's not always hot. We've experience torrential rain and snow in Australia however there summers are pretty damn hot. 2. Wildlife roams the streets - When I arrived in Australia I expected to… Continue reading 8 common misconceptions about Australia


24 hours in Canberra

Having 4 days off from work due to heavy rain and flooding we decided to take a road trip to Australia's capital city for the night. Having the camper is perfect we can head off whenever we fancy and don't have to worry about the extra cost of accommodation either. We set off to Canberra… Continue reading 24 hours in Canberra


Ski Season in Mount Buller 

We arrived in Mount Buller, Victoria 6 weeks prior to the ski resort opening. It's a pretty strange set up at Australian ski resorts, I'm not sure if it's the same at all of them. But at Mount Buller most of the village is closed preseason so when we arrived there was only one pub/restaurant… Continue reading Ski Season in Mount Buller 

Accommodation · Asia

REVIEW: Hanoi 3B Homestay, Hanoi

Hanoi 3B Homestay - 10/10 This was by far the best hotel or homestay we stayed in whilst traveling in South East Asia. Whilst looking through Booking.com we found the newly opened Hanoi 3B Homestay, it was a little on the expensive side for South East Asia at a whopping  VND 321,391 or £10 a night including breakfast… Continue reading REVIEW: Hanoi 3B Homestay, Hanoi

Asia · Oceania

The great and the not so great of traveling as a couple 

  The great!  You share the good times and the bad time. Whilst traveling Conor and I have had some amazing times together and I love reminiscing and telling others about that one time when.. I'll always have someone that shared those times and might remember something I forgot. Not only do you share the… Continue reading The great and the not so great of traveling as a couple 


Old Dubai 

After visiting 'New Dubai', the tall buildings and posh restaurants the day before we took the opposite directions to visit the 'Old Dubai' in Deira and Dubai Creek. After a day at the pool we set off from our hotel early evening walking to Al Hamriya. Again typical Dubai vage and pretty much non existent… Continue reading Old Dubai