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Chiang Mai, Jungle Trek

Jungle trek, Chiang Mai, Thailand 10/10 We didn’t plan to spend as many days in Chiang Mai as we did but opted to stay and go on a 2 day jungle trek rather than go to Chiang Rai. We searched online and in the guesthouse for jungle treks but found the one we were looking… Continue reading Chiang Mai, Jungle Trek


7 annoying things a backpacker in SEA would agree with 

After nearly 2 months in south east Asia traveling Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia I've noticed a few irritating things! 1. When waiting for a bus from The Cambodian/Thai border there was a large group of western tourists. We all asked how long do we have to wait here? It was boiling. The Thai men… Continue reading 7 annoying things a backpacker in SEA would agree with 

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2 day slow boat from Thailand to Laos 

We decided to opt for the 2 day slow boat from Thailand into Laos, rather than the usual bus! From Chiang Mai we were going to get a bus to Chiang Khong and organise the trip solo however after doing some research we found a 3 day package which picked us up from our guesthouse… Continue reading 2 day slow boat from Thailand to Laos 


Chiang Mai, Thailand

We arrived off the sleeper train at 7am and got a taxi to the guesthouse we had booked. We were really thankful that our room was ready so early so went straight up, dropped our bags off, got a shower and went straight out to explore Chiang Mai. The centre of Chiang Mai is the… Continue reading Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Floating market and overnight train

We booked onto another trip through the guesthouse this time a half day trip to the floating market as we were leaving Bangkok that evening on the overnight sleeper train to Chiang Mai. We had to leave Bangkok at 7am, I didn't realise the market was going to be an hour and a half outside… Continue reading Floating market and overnight train