13 Things You Understand if your from the Lake District

1. If you’re not stuck in a traffic jam in Bowness or Ambleside then there is usually something else blocking your wayPicture; A591 Threlkeld

2. You still get gobsmacked by the beautiful surroundings and scenery all around youa12.jpgPicture; Wastwater looking at Scafell Pike

3. You never get sick of Kendal Mint Cake and Grasmere GingerbreadGrasmere-Gingerbread.jpg

4. Tourist are constantly asking you where to find Lake WindermerePicture; Lake Windermere from Bowness Bay

5. So lucky to have this as your back gardenaaa.jpgPicture; Top of School Knott

6. You’ve tried nearly all the afternoon tea’s in the area

Picture; Afternoon Tea at Gilpin Hotel & Lake House

7. Your always taking advantage of the local ales from various micro breweries and spirits on offer from Lakes DistilleryPicture; Beer Tasting at The Wild BoarPicture; Lake Distillery, Bassenthwaite

8. Your neighbours are the cutest, the Herdwick Sheepa1.jpgPicture; Herdwick Sheep at Tarn Hows

9. When people from aboard ask where your from, you have to say near Manchester even though it’s no where near

10. Your proud to have the largest lake, the highest Mountain and the deepest Lake in EnglandPicture; Deepest Lake in England, Wastwater

11. Your spoilt by delicious local food and producePicture; Gilpin Spice

12. When the sun is out there is no better place to be17683_10152753918466534_726834809670071881_nPicture; BBQ at Millerground

13. Each season has it’s own charm



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