Dolphin feeding in Tin Can Bay

Tin Can Bay is located on the Fraser Coast, about 30 minute drive from Rainbow Beach and 1 hour 15 minutes to Hevery Bay. 

Tin Can Bay isn’t on the backpacker radar but it’s a great location for couples and families, probably best known as a dolphin feeding spot. Located in Norman Point at the very end of the town is the Barnalces cafe and dolphin feeding centre. Each day a group of volunteers organise dolphin viewing and feeding for tourists and locals. 

We arrived nice and early, about 7am and paid $5 per person to enter and view the dolphins then another $5 per person to feed the dolphins. Feeding doesn’t start until 8am but you can enjoy a discounted brekkie or tea/coffee with your entry ticket. Once the dolphins arrive the volunteers get small groups into the water to view the dolphins. 

On the day we visited there were 5 dolphins, these dolphins are Australian Humpback Dolphins, and live in rivers and estuaries. There were 2 male dolphins, the pod of 5 was led by the Alpha Male, Mystique along with Aussie, Patch, Ella, Harmony and a very playful 8 month old Squirt. 

Before your allow into the shallow water to view the dolphins you must sanitise your hands and take your shoes off, you’re not permitted to touch the dolphins but they come pretty close up to say hello. You can take as many pictures as you like just without any flash or noise!

The volunteers were very informative and helpful, explaining all about the Dolphins and there past. They organised the groups very well and rotated the visitors so everyone got up close to the dolphins, if they wanted. 

At 8am it was time to feed the dolphins, as the dolphins eagerly awaiting their breakfast we lined up to hand over our feeding ticket in exchange for 1 fish per person, then one by one we entered the water. 

The volunteers showed us how to hold the fish under the water and as soon as we did the dolphin came up and gentlely ate it. As soon as everyone had fed the dolphins they went straight back to the wild. By law there is a maximum quota to fed the dolphins each day, which is 3kg per dolphin per day so that they don’t become reliant on getting fed. Squirt the 8 month old dolphin was still being fed by his mum so he didn’t get any fish! 

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