My guide to surviving Splendour in the Grass

Book a campsite or accommodation early

Unless you’re very lucky to get your hands on a weekend camping ticket then you’ll be looking for a campsite or accommodation nearby. We searched all the campsites in Byron and the surrounding areas and the prices were extortionate, some as much as $80 a night in a tent!! Luckily we found a great campsite in Mullumbimby, at the leagues club which is 10 minutes ride away from Splendour, it cost $35 a night and they had a shuttle bus running to and from the festival for $10 each! It also offers camping for Byron Bay Blues Festival, Splendour in the Grass and Falls Festivals, I’d definitely recommend!

Layer up

We made the mistake of only wearing shorts/skirts and tops on the Friday night and paid for it by leaving early because I kid you not it was SO cold. It might be a lovely 25 degrees in the day time, but once that sun sets you quickly remember it is ‘winter’ and the temperatures drop dramatically! On the Saturday and Sunday we took extra layers and didn’t regret it.


Buy a battery pack

I wish I had invested in a battery pack as I no hardly any battery all weekend. With a full campsite there was no room to charge anything on the little plugs provided, luckily we charged our phones through our camper van but it didn’t last long after taking photos and listening to music before we’d even got to the festival.

Organise a meeting place

We had quite a few friends at Splendour this year which was great however it wasn’t so easy to find them. With approximately 30,000 people at the festival let me tell you the signal and 3G was no working at its quickest although there are free wifi areas dotted around the festival it’s easier to arrange a time and place to meet up with friends. Make it an easy recognisable place which everyone knows, like the huge blow up of Kanye West. 20245753_10154465630716534_6532627354808732109_n.jpg

Print off the timetable

Once again this comes down to having little phone battery or signal so if you want to make sure you’re standing right at the front for your favourite act it’s probably best to just print off the timetable. I’m sure the app was great but we printed off the timetable and kept referring back to that which meant we didn’t miss any of our favourites!

Budget wisely

You’ve already spent $400 on your weekend ticket, never mind what you pay to camp and get to and from the festival, you’ve also got a big chunk to pay for alcohol and food. Don’t be fooled its going to be an expensive weekend so make sure you budget wisely and except to pay top prices for food and alcohol once you’re in the festival. All the prices are pretty similar, $10 for a can whether it’s beer, cider or pre mix and be warned the beer is mid strength 3.5%.


Wear sensible footwear

As advised by the Splendour organisers it’s probably a good idea not to wear open toe shoes, I invested in some cheap boots resembling doc martens which did get pretty muddy but worked perfectly. I didn’t see many people in gum boots as it wasn’t that muddy but I imagine if it had been raining it probably would have been a very different story.

Take it easy, its a long weekend

Whether you arrive on the Thursday or Friday it’s still a long weekend and you want to make sure you’ve still got all your strength for Sunday as that’s usually when all the best acts are on. Pack energy drinks, Gatorade, Powerade, iced coffee drinks and lots of water as well as lots of yummy food. We ate a good breakfast everyday before we went to the festival, not only to get our strength but then we didn’t buy as much in the festival.


Take a day to recover

Unlike some I was straight back to work on Monday afternoon, although I was very tired and a little hungover I powered through and did my 3pm – 11pm shift. However some people I know took a little longer to recover and couldn’t quite hack the weekend coming down with flu afterwards. That said it’s always a wise idea to take a extra day or two to straighten yourself out from the weekend as well as unpack and get back to reality.

Have a great time!

Splendour 2017 was my first festival ever and although I didn’t pack everything I needed and didn’t take quite as many photos as I wanted, I had a bloody good time and I’d totally do it all over again!


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