8 common misconceptions about Australia

1. It’s always hot – When you imagine Australia you probably imagine the outback on a steaming hot day but guess what it’s not always hot. We’ve experience torrential rain and snow in Australia however there summers are pretty damn hot.


2. Wildlife roams the streets – When I arrived in Australia I expected to see kangaroos and koala bears hoping around everywhere but actually most of the kangaroos I’ve seen have been in the zoo or road kill and I’ve still not seen a koala yet!


3. They drink fosters – Contrary to the English fosters adverts, Australian’s do not drink Fosters at all. It’s not even widely sold in bottle shops, I think we’ve had it once in Australia in a bar which was a lucky find.


4. It’s not that big – It would be a massive misjudgement if you thought you could get around Australia in a hurry, it’s honestly such a huge country, surprisingly many Australian’s haven’t even ventured to the other side of their country.

5. They call everyone Shelia and Bruce -When mocking Australian’s you may go for the usual Shelia and Bruce or putting a shrimp on the barbie but both would be wrong! Although there are some typical Australian sayings these aren’t them!

6. That it’s all desert – I’m sure many people think Australia is a barren wasteland however you’d be wrong. The cities are well populated with the typical skyscrapers and even inland from Melbourne and Sydney there are large towns with thriving industries.


7. Vegemite is horrible – We all know Marmite is disgusting and expect Vegemite to be the same however you’d be wrong it’s actually pretty nice!

8. Sydney is the capital – Many people presume Sydney is the capital of Australia as it’s the largest city however in fact Canberra is the capital. With a state created just covering Canberra called the Australian Capital Territory it’s the smallest and least well known of all.


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