15 things Brits miss in Australia

Honestly Australia is pretty similar to the UK and also has a lot of the same foods but as a Brit there are some quintessential English things we’ve missed whilst living down under.

1. Doritos – For some reason all of the Doritos in Australia are cheese, they have cheese supreme, nacho cheese, cheese and original, it’s so disappointing picking up a red Doritos packet expecting it to be chilli heatwave and it’s supreme cheese.

2. Bacon – I don’t know what they do to the bacon over here but when we first arrived we’d pick up any old packet and then open it and it’s a metre long with so much fat, it’s disgusting. At least we’ve learnt our lesson and always pick up the short cut bacon now.11107741_10152664925511534_6849308489502147490_n.jpg

3. Cumberland sausage – There’s no way you can find a good Cumberland sausage but it’s even difficult to find pork sausages, yes you can buy pork sausage but you have to shiv through the sea of chicken and beef sausage to find the pork. Chicken sausage? YUCK! Chicken sausages are just wrong but they’re everywhere in Australia.


4. Grandma’s roast dinner –  no matter how many traditional Sunday roasts you try it’s never as good as grandmas, well my grandmas at least! I don’t even think I could make one as good myself.20503_10152611052246534_7362600809005559576_n.jpg

5. The Weather! – I know I’ll regret saying this once I’m home and it’s -5 degrees, but I’ve really missed the seasons whilst being in Australia. Especially since living in Brisbane and their winter is still 23 degrees in the daytime, it doesn’t really feel like winter at all. I can’t wait to see the leaves changing and wrap up warm in the cold and be over the moon when our 1 week of summer arrives.

6. Long summer nights – The best thing about summer in England is sitting outside until the sunsets, usually around 10pm, I expected it would be the same in Australia. Yes they have daylight saving but it still goes dark at 8pm in summer.

7. Healthcare – The UK has reciprocal health care agreement with Australia which means we can get a Medicare card. However not all medical centres in Australia are free, so you have to find one that is ‘bulk billed’ which means you still have to pay for an appointment and then get it refunded. Going to the dentist is also extortionate compared to England.

 8. Packaged sandwiches – Another annoying thing is that in any supermarket you can’t find meal deals or packaged sandwiches. When you want a sandwich in Australia it seems you have to make it yourself, what I’d do for a Tesco £3 meal deal.

9. Countryside -Nothing compares to the countryside in the UK, especially my home the Lake District, the Australian outback or countryside is so boring, all you can see for miles is flat land. 11188221_10152709136696534_4055890497327752786_n.jpg

10. English afternoon tea – Living in the Lake District the hotels offer the best traditional English afternoon tea, one of my favourites with warm scones and amazing cakes. Not that have looked for afternoon tea in Australia however a backpacker budget doesn’t quite stretch to that. 11011780_10152732043096534_1958075097485262504_n.jpg

11. Primark – If you know me, you know I love me a bit of primarni and unfortunately primark hasn’t reached Australia yet! There’s nothing better than a £1 top especially when backpacking so you can just throw it out, I guess we have target but the fashion isn’t great.

12. A takeaway – There’s nothing more I love than a good takeaway, there are tons of Chinese and Indian takeaways in Australia but they’re just not as good as at home. Every time I’ve had a takeaway over here I’ve regretted it. 942745_10151563149916534_454335309_n.jpg

13. Christmas – Christmas in Australia is just strange, it’s not cold, it’s not snowing and there’s no roast dinner. It’s a very different kind of Christmas and I’d definitely prefer to be at home. 10420174_10152379694711534_1901555135543192719_n.jpg

14. My Bed – After multiple dorm rooms there’s nothing more I miss than my own bed and down duvet, getting snuggled into bed after a long day is the best. Some of the rooms even the private rooms are miserable, plain and boring, I miss my own bedroom.  11425498_10152758714981534_7403082131784609794_n

15. Family & Friends – I’m certain it’s not exclusive to Australia but I’m sure it’s what everyone misses the most when travelling aboard and although it might not feel like 1000 miles away from home it certainly is. The time difference is a pain, 10 hours in front of the UK at the moment, but thank god for FaceTime. 10885097_10152403699296534_4156431743779538657_n


2 thoughts on “15 things Brits miss in Australia

  1. I found this after googling for Chilli Heatwave doritos – seriously why are they all cheese?! We moved to Australia nearly 3 years ago now and I’m from Derbyshire so a lot of your post rings bells for me. The one exception being the takeaway part, I do miss ‘English takeaways’ occasionally (Kormas and Sweet and Sour Chicken are not the same out here) but everytime I go back home I’m reminded how awful and oily they are compared to takeaways here. Maybe it’s because we live in Sydney and there are a lot of good food places on Uber Eats etc, I feel spoilt by the quality in food for takeaways.

    To add to your list, I miss Bananas (which taste weird here) and awful cakes from the shops, like those tubs of flapjacks or millionaire shortbreads. And battenburg. I wouldn’t trade Doughnut Time for them though. I also miss just walking around Tesco, which is a weird one but the supermarkets here just haven’t quite got that megastore feel to them which I occasionally miss.

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