Alphabetical Australian 

Arvo – afternoon

Bottlo – Shop that sells alcohol

Capsicum – Pepper

Doona – Duvet

Esky – Ice Box

Footie – Australian Rules

Gum boots – Wellies

Hotel – Pub

Icypole – Ice lolly

Joey – baby kangaroo

Kanga Banger – Kangaroo sausage

Lollies – Sweets

Motel – Hotel

No wukkas – no worries

Old mate – anyone and everyone

Pokies – pub and gambling shop combined

Quokka – animal that lives in Rottnest  island, WA

Rego – car registration

Smoko – break time

Thongs – flip flops

Ute – pick up truck

Vinnies – charity shop

Wombat – a native Australian animal

Xxxx – Four X, Queensland beer

Yewy – U-Turn

Z – Google it

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