Alphabetical Australian 

Arvo - afternoon Bottlo - Shop that sells alcohol Capsicum - Pepper Doona - Duvet Esky - Ice Box Footie - Australian Rules Gum boots - Wellies Hotel - Pub Icypole - Ice lolly Joey - baby kangaroo Kanga Banger - Kangaroo sausage Lollies - Sweets Motel - Hotel No wukkas - no worries Old mate… Continue reading Alphabetical Australian 

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Buying a campervan in Australia 

Since arriving in Australia Conor and I really wanted to get a camper van and it is without a doubt the best way to travel Australia! There are heaps of tours and organised trips you can join to travel Australia but it doesn't give you the same freedom as driving yourself! Research  When deciding we… Continue reading Buying a campervan in Australia