Getting a ski season job in Australia

Having been in Dunsborough, Western Australia for the past three and a half month we were ready to move on but still didn’t have much money. We wanted to leave WA but weren’t sure what was next. After Conor came home from work last night we knew exactly what we were going to be doing. After having a conversation with a colleague at work, Conor came home from work excited and explained to me that his colleague had been on a ski season last year and was going back this winter. It was March time and I was ready to leave WA so looked into the options. The ski season in Australia begins in June through til September, there are a couple of ski fields in Victoria as well as New South Wales. We realised that it was the perfect time to start applying for the ski, so began sending out our CV’s to everyone and anyone. Both having extensive experience in the hospitality industry we decided to apply for hotels on the mountain. Having sent out zillions of CV’s we then had zillions of interviews. We set a day when we were both off to conduct our interviews, which wasn’t easy in a hostel, however we found a quiet’ish room to Skype our potential employers. To begin with we sent out emails individually but then realised it would be easier to send out our CV’s together and apply as a couple as we obviously wanted to work at the same hotel.

Our first offer came through not long after our interviews, it was at Mount Baw Baw for a chalet manager and cleaners role, it was a couples role with cleaning in the morning. We were thrilled to be offered the role but then did some research into the resort and realised it was really small and mostly beginners runs. We politely declined and carried on applying and interviewing. We then received an offer from a hotel in Charlotte Pass which we also realised was a smaller resort and smaller hotel.

We decided to apply more specifically to the larger resorts, Thredbo, NSW, Mount Hotham and Mount Buller, both in Victoria. We researched all the hotels in the resorts and applied together to Breathtaker All Suite Hotel & Spa in Mount Buller. After having an interview over the phone with the assistant manager we were later thrilled to get offered roles, myself as Front Office/Reservations and Conor in Food and Beverage. We were really happy to get offered roles in the departments we had experience.

We contacted the hotel and accepted our offers and made arrangements to arrive. My role being Front Office/Reservations it meant they wanted us up the mountain as soon as possible, that was fine by me I couldn’t wait to leave! We set a date of 26th April to arrive in Mount Buller so booked our flights and arranged a couple of days in Melbourne before arriving. We booked our bus from Melbourne to Mount Buller via the V Line Bus service, we left Melbourne Southern Cross station by bus at 8.30am and traveled through the Yarra Valley to Mansfield. The daily bus only runs to Mansfield in the summer months but travels up to Mount Buller in winter. A staff member picked us up in Mansfield and we got some grocery then headed up to Mount Buller. It was a gloriously sunny day when we arrived but still cold, we arrived at the hotel and met our new colleagues and managers. We settled into the staff accommodation which is located underneath the hotel which is great now but will be very busy when everyone arrives, there will be about 25 staff members altogether.

Obviously there’s no snow at the moment so we drove up to the summit, then climbed up to the very top which had amazing views over all the mountain tops and over to Mount Stirling. Mount Buller is very popular with mountain bikers in the summer months with multiple mountain bike trails.

We started our first day on Wednesday, the hotel doesn’t open until June however it’s been closed for the past few months so there is a lot of organising that needs doing to get the hotel back to it’s best. We’ve had a variety of different jobs to do in the past week although I have mostly been training and learning the ropes in reservations as that will be my full time role. Conor has been doing a bit of everything including painting, measuring, organising staff uniform, organising the chemicals for cleaning and moving furniture.

We’re both really excited for the snow to arrive and the season to begin. Conor and I have never skied together so it will be a little competition to see who’s best!

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