Road trip to Augusta

On Friday we decided to take a little road trip down to Augusta and check out what was there. Augusta is only about 90 kilometres from Dunsborough so we set out on an adventure.

Caves road is a 111 km scenic road beginning in busselton and ending in Augusta. This took us through the cape region from Cape Naturalise to Cape Leeuwin. We joined caves road at Yallingup and followed the scenic road passing wineries, farms and the beautiful Boranup forest.

 As we drove through cave roads we suddenly became very small amongst the huge majestic Boranup Forest. The trees stood tall towering over us, it was so magical. 

 It took approximately an hour and a half to get to Augusta, as we drove through the town it felt very small. We drove through the town and followed the coast road out to the lighthouse.

We arrived at Augusta Cape Leeuwin lighthouse, it looked really windy but when we got out of the car it was actually still warm. The views were great, we could see the coastline curving around towards Albany. The sky was amazing, it was filled with fluffy white clouds with the blue sky trying to peek through. We walked over to the visitor centre and decided to grab a bite to eat before we explored the lighthouse.  Once we’d eaten we decided to pay $8 for the self guided audio tour of the grounds, alternatively every 30 minutes there are tower tours costing $20 each for adults. The staff were all really informative and one man explained that the lighthouse stood on certain coorindates on the map and if you went east it would take you to the most northern point in New Zealand or west to Cape Town, I thought this was amazing. The lighthouse is still fully functional today, it stands tall on the side of the shore with waves crashing up against the rocks.

Another reason for wanting to visit the lighthouse was that it is also the point where two oceans meet. The Indian Ocean from the west and the Southern Ocean from the right, you could see the colour difference and waves forming however couldn’t tell if you didn’t know!  

On the way back from the lighthouse we stopped off in Augusta town centre and looked it some of the shops. They were all abit odd and touristy selling souvenirs and the like.

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