7 annoying things a backpacker in SEA would agree with 

After nearly 2 months in south east Asia traveling Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia I’ve noticed a few irritating things!

1. When waiting for a bus from The Cambodian/Thai border there was a large group of western tourists. We all asked how long do we have to wait here? It was boiling. The Thai men laughed and said, 15 minutes, an hour, 10 hours, who knows! Why can’t they just tell us how long.

2. Vietnam was the worst for this!! Across the whole country in every town and city they use the horn unnecessarily. One Vietnamese lady we spoke to said the horn is actually useless now in Vietnam because they use it for turning right, left, overtaking, everything!!

3. Nearly all the countries ticked this box, bringing out one persons food and then bringing on the others when they’ve finished! It’s pretty annoying and usually it’s the person who’s starving who’s food comes out last!

4. Spelling mistakes on menus, again all over! Some of the spellings are hilarious but doesn’t everyone have google now? Just google it! It’s even funnier when they spell it correctly and then a little further down the menu it’s spelt completely different!

5. It’s great getting wifi on buses, I’m not complaining about this but you can’t even flush the toilet here yet you can get wifi on buses! In England you pay over the odds for transport such as buses and trains and have to pay for wifi but get free wifi on buses here and paying next to nothing!

6. Asking for directions in any of these countries is useless! Whether they don’t understand or can’t be bothered but whenever we ask for directions we nearly as well get the same answer ‘over there’.

7. It’s impossible to browse any shop or stall with getting shouted at to buy something! Sometimes I really like something but just because they’re shouting at me I’ll walk away!

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