Chiang Mai, Thailand

We arrived off the sleeper train at 7am and got a taxi to the guesthouse we had booked. We were really thankful that our room was ready so early so went straight up, dropped our bags off, got a shower and went straight out to explore Chiang Mai. The centre of Chiang Mai is the old city which is outlined with a moat and city walls, we followed the map through the streets and made our way to the well known temple in Chiang Mai. Wat Chedi Luang is a beautiful temple in the middle of the old city, we entered the temple were Buddha sat right in front. There were a few signs in English but most were Thai. When we came out of the temple we headed behind where there were ruins of an old temple and the reclining Buddha.

 In the evening we decided to head to the nightly market, named the night bazzare on the outskirts of the wall. We followed the map through what the man at the guesthouse called the red light district which was lined with lady boys. When we got to the market, the street was lit up and stalls lined the road. I really enjoyed the night market and took the first opportunity to buy some things as I hadn’t in Bangkok. Chiang Mai was a lot more chilled than Bangkok, still busy but much nicer. At the market in Chiang Mai the stall owners let you take your time to look at what they were selling rather than like in Bangkok pestering and forcing you to buy things.

We then went to see a Thai boxing tournament at the local stadium. There were two types of tickets, standard or VIP, we bought the standard ticket for 400 baht and got better seats, on a higher platform at the back. When we arrived there were two very young boys boxing against each other, they both looked about 12 years old, as the tournament continued two girls came on, which were both pretty tough. Finally some older men came on, in there early 20s, great we thought a proper match. They started fighting and one of the guys got knocked out in the first round. It would’ve been much better to see some real fighting hopefully we can watch a real match when we get back into Thailand.

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