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Floating market and overnight train

We booked onto another trip through the guesthouse this time a half day trip to the floating market as we were leaving Bangkok that evening on the overnight sleeper train to Chiang Mai. We had to leave Bangkok at 7am, I didn’t realise the market was going to be an hour and a half outside the city. When we arrived at the market we were ushered into long tail boats which cruised around the small rivers and dropped us off at a market on the side of the river. From there it was 100 baht each to get onto another boat which took us around the floating market. We got onto the boat with 4 other English people and a Thai man paddling the boat. It was packed with boats and tourists on the small river. The shops were also on boats cruising past us with fruit, vegetables, pad Thai and coconut ice cream! Which Conor got!
The other markets were around the edges on the river and we floated up to them. The only thing about these markets were if you didn’t want something you couldn’t run away from them shoving it in your face. On more than one occasion we were sat in the boat being pestered to buy something but we couldn’t do anything but say no thank you until the man paddled onto the next shop. There were a lot of nice souvenirs, clothes and pictures but nothing you couldn’t get from the markets in Bangkok.

When we returned to Bangkok from the floating market we still had a couple of hours to kill before we needed to head to the train station to catch the overnight train. We decided to get a massage, there are tons of places to chose from so it was difficult deciding but we picked one. The lady and man showed Conor and I upstairs, we were the only customers. Conor went for the Thai massage, the full body and I had a neck, back and shoulders. As we both lay next to each other I couldn’t help but keep turning to Conor to see how his was. The woman doing my massage was so strong I thought she was going to break a bone, personally my massage was far too firm and I was counting down the minutes until the end. As I turned to Conor I had to laugh as he looked so peaceful, really enjoying his massage whilst mine was not a pleasant experience.

We took a taxi from the guesthouse near Khao San road to the train station about 4.30pm (Bangkok rush hour) it took about 40-45 minutes to make it to the station so I was glad we set off way before the train was due to leave. We already had our tickets so when we arrived just proceeded straight onto the train. We were one of the first ones on the train but it soon got busier with other travelers.

We found our seats and stashed our bags, mine only just fitting under the chairs. As we sat on the chair we both saw a woodlouse crawling across the chair on the opposite side. I grabbed a tissue to get it but it was too late it sulked off under the seats. From that point on both of us wondered what else was hiding under the seats. By 7.30pm the guard came around made up our beds with a thin mattress, a sheet and blanket.

The last time I was in Thailand I took the sleeper train from Bangkok south for 12 hours and remember that being a lot worst than this time. This train seem to be a lot cleaner and modern than the one 3 years ago, or maybe I just knew what to expect. We fell asleep almost straight away and were woken by the lady coming round shouting 30 minutes to Chiang Mai, wake up now!

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