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Bridge over the River Kwai

We booked onto this day trip to the bridge over the river Kwai through the guesthouse. We were being picked up from there at 9.30am, Conor and I had both been feeling under the weather since we woke up but didn’t think much of it. This wasn’t the day after we’d been to Khao San road either, encase you’re wondering ha ha. We got into the mini van which was full of other travelers going to visit the famous bridge.

We’d been in the van about 30 minutes when I started feeling really sick! As the wave of sickness came across me I looked around for the nearest thing to grab which just so happened to be Conor’s new timberland hat and was sick right into it! Much to our disappointment we soon realised the hat had holes in! There was sick all over myself and Conor! I couldn’t fault the kindness of my fellow travelers, number 1 Conor for sacrificing his new hat as well as the mix of German and Dutch travelers who offered me tissues, wet wipes and an anti sickness tablets.

It had to be one of the single worst experiences being covered in sick and still having to drive another hour to our destination. Luckily we stopped right outside a shop selling men’s and women’s shorts and tops so we quickly ran over, both bought some new clothes for us both.
So not the greatest start to our day but we sucked it up and began enjoying ourselves. The first visit was to the war museum located just next to the bridge and has great views over the river and bridge. We then walked across the bridge, whilst walking down the track but heard a train beeping and realised there was a train coming right down the bridge so quickly jumped into a safe place.

 From there it was back into a mini van, not the same one thankfully and off we went to the elephant trekking! We arrived at the elephant sanctuary (prisoner) and were quickly ushered onto an elephant, we named Peter! With the elephant trainer sat in between his ears and me and Conor on the seat on his back I don’t think our elephant was too pleased. We first took the trek down through a wooded forest and then into the river for him to cool off, until this point he was fine. But the amount of steps the elephant had to walk up and down were incredible especially with the weight of him and weight of us on top. As we continued the trek I think Peter got a bit tired and started wandering of path which his trainer was not happy about. This happened about every 5 steps at each point the trainer started threatening the elephant, I then noticed he was holding a long metal hook and was threatening the elephant with that. By the end of the trek we both felt really sorry for Peter the elephant as well as his pals which were all chained up.

 From there it was just a 2 minute walk to the river and we got onto a bamboo raft, the raft was really well made with sticks, empty barrels and string. We were taken up the river by a power engine boat then left to glade back down the river with two guys rafting! It was really peaceful and quite and we could see the elephants on the top of the hill.

 Another good day bar the sick, it was a full day out and we didn’t get back to Bangkok until 7pm at which point it was time to get our clothes cleaned! Luckily there was a little lady watching a TV down an alley right next to our guesthouse who had a sign saying laundry. We were very apprehensive to hand over our clothes to this lady but searched everywhere and most of them took 24 hours and we were leaving the next day. So we bargained with the lady and she cleaned and dried our few pairs of our clothes in 3 hours for 150 baht roughly £3 – we couldn’t argue after the day we’d had!

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