Khao San Road, Bangkok

After a 6 hour flight from Dubai was quickly made our way through customs and passport control and picked up our bags. We made our way to the taxi rank which was really quiet. We started walking over to a taxi but they turned us way and said we had to go to a machine which produced a ticket and told us which number rank we were to use.

It took about 30 minutes to the guesthouse, located about 5 minutes walking from Khao San Road. We had 3 nights booked in the Wild Orchid Villa, which I had stayed at on my last visit to Thailand 3 years ago. It was clean, good location and value for money.
After checking into the guesthouse at about 8pm we had some food in the cafe/restaurant downstairs then decided to wander towards Khao San road. We made our way down the busy road past all the sellers and people trying to get you to buy suits, massages, tuk tuk and taxies.

When we arrived at the busy main road and crossed straight ahead which I thought was Khao San road but later realised was the road before. As we are 6 hours ahead of England, the rugby World Cup match between Wales and Australia was just starting so Conor insisted we found a bar with a TV.

 There were plenty of bars and cafes to choose from all busy with likeminded travellers. The first cafe we went to had the rugby on, tick for Conor and also had buy 2 get 1 free cocktails, tick for Asia, so we were both happy. We moved from there into a bar next door which also has the rugby on as well as a live band playing a mix of well known English songs.

Before we left for our travels Conor guaranteed me that he would not be drinking anything from a bucket whilst in South East Asia. It took about 4 hours being in the Thailand to break that, and out came our mojito bucket. I soon realised that we weren’t in fact on Khao San road but the road beforehand so we decided to move over.

 As soon as we walked onto Khao San road you could see the difference, it was packed with tourists and locals alike. We walked down the road not without getting bombarded with people asking whether we wanted go and see a ping pong show, to visit their bar or restaurant, the lot!

It was on Khao San road Conor had his first encounter with a lady boy. As I turned my head all I saw was Conor’s shocked and disgusted face, what’s the matter I asked? I’ve just been man handled by a ladyboy he said, I couldn’t stop laughing! Welcome to Khao San Road!

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