Old Dubai 

After visiting ‘New Dubai’, the tall buildings and posh restaurants the day before we took the opposite directions to visit the ‘Old Dubai’ in Deira and Dubai Creek. After a day at the pool we set off from our hotel early evening walking to Al Hamriya. Again typical Dubai vage and pretty much non existent directions. One thing you can tell when traveling around Dubai is the tourism infrastructure is no where near good enough compared to well known global tourism destinations such a London or New York. It’s really difficult to navigate around Dubai without jumping into a taxi, because that’s the easy option.

We arrived at Dubai Creek and walked along the river path to find a boat. One eagle eyed guy saw we were looking for a boat and offered to take us to the gold souks. 25 dirhams each he offered, Conor was eager to get into the boat but I said no, let’s walk a bit further down where there seems to be a busier port. We walked further down through some touristy souks, with all our new friends saying hello, how are you? Come and buy something from me. We got to the port and the boats were departing to the gold souks for just 1 Dirham each. Good job we didn’t get in the first boat ha ha.

 We sailed through Dubai Creek, a short journey to the other side to the gold and spice markets. We disembarked the boats and followed the crowd. We soon got lost – again! The signs disappeared and we were left to our own devices to try and find the souks. We walked and walked through the electrical markets, rows and rows of shops selling every electrical device you could imagine from fridge freezers, iPhones to TVs.

We eventually found the spice souks and were overwhelmed by the smells. It was quite quiet as it was about 7pm, not many tourists about but a lot of hustle and bustle in the streets. We walked through the souks, again getting bombard by people asking whether we wanted to buy anything. I was used to this after visiting Marrakech, which was kind of the same experience but Conor hated it. At one point a man grabbed Conor’s arm asking him to come and look in his shop and that was the last straw. We were both tired and hungry so decided to find the boats to take us back to the other side of the creek.

 We’d past a authentic Arabian tea house and restaurant on the way so headed for that. We arrived and were greeted by a very cheerful man. We were the only ones in there, it reminded me of a riad in Morocco with an open roof. Soon a few more diners entered and there was more atmosphere. We ordered our food, tuna salad for me but Conor was brave! Camel curry! Our order arrived quickly, huge portions and freshly made. Conor enjoyed his camel curry and said it tasted like beef but chewy. He did his best to persuade me to try some but I wouldn’t haha!


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