New Dubai

Being the tourists that we are, we decided to take the metro rather than a taxi, bad idea. After getting directions from the hotel on the nearest metro station we started walking in the 40 degree sun, after 15 minutes wandering the streets with no direction at all we decided to ask a friendly looking man, who then tried to persuade us to get into his friends taxi. But no we didn’t want a taxi we were determined to get the metro, we followed his dodgy directions and 20 minutes later finally made it to the metro station, dripping with sweat.

We got our tickets, two returns to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa then navigated our way to the platform and finally got onto the metro. We had our tickets booked to visit the top of the Burj Khalifa at 2pm, after all the messing around trying to find the metro station 2pm was approching. We got off the metro at 1.30pm and followed the signs for the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, the walkway seemed never ending with spectacular views of numerous construction sights. When we finally reached the Dubai Mall all signs for the Burj Khalifa stopped, we had 10 mins before we had our tickets booked, it was getting stressful. We eventually found a security guard to ask who directed us and we made it to the ticket desk at 2.01pm. We’d already pre booked our tickets so we just had to collect them, they cost 240 dirham for the both of us to visit level 124 and 125.

We followed the guide down another long walkway which had information of the building and construction of the Burj, year by year. We then all cramped into the lift which zoomed us up to level 124 in no time. The viewing platform was good full with tourists all snapping pictures from above. Looking down from the Burj there wasn’t much to look at but we didn’t know what we were looking at either. It was amazing to look down from so high up onto the fountains and over into the sea.  

 We only spent about an hour or so at the top then made our way back down the lift into the Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall is the largest in the world and I understand why, it’s ridiculous! Most of the shops are designer and way above our price range but we did some window shopping nevertheless. We then accidentally stumbled across the aquarium, which is amazing! An indoor aquarium and underwater zoo inside the Mall!!     After enough window shopping we braced the heat again, because I can tell you it’s just SO HOT! Uncomfortably hot. We found a nice restaurant for drinks and dinner right outside the Dubai Fountain with amazing views of the Burj, good timing as well. The Dubai Fountain has shows every 30 minutes from 6pm – 11pm everyday. We sat in the restaurant just before 5.30pm and had the perfect view for the fountain show which only lasted about 5 minutes.

After the fountain show we took a recommendation from a friend to visit bar 360 at Jumeriah Beach Hotel. We got a taxi from the mall, a public one this time, which started at 5 dirham – much better. It took about 30 minutes from the mall to the Jumeriah Beach Hotel. Everything seems so sparse and spread out. The metro system only seems to run a straight line up the city and doesn’t go out further.

We arrived at the 5* Jumeriah beach hotel which was gorgeous inside, we were greeted by numeous staff members. From the hotel we got a golf buggie down to the peninsular where the bar 360 was located. We arrived at the bar which had incredible views of the cityscape, Burj Al Arab and the Jumeriah Beach Hotel. Lucky for us it was happy hour so cocktails were half price, we had two cocktails each which were reasonable. Then we made another mistake, Conor asked whether they had sheshia pipes, the waiter said yes and bought one over, not mentioning anything about price. When the bill arrived there was a 100 dirham cost for the sheshia, but the whole experience was amazing.

Lessons 2 learnt – always ask if there is an extra cost, don’t make assumptions.



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