Volunteering in Nepal

“Hundreds of schools in the Dhading district were destroyed by the earthquake of April 2015. We have set up a program to help villages rebuild their school buildings and their communities. Our main aim is to empower the communities themselves and so our emphasis is on teaching villagers how to use the incredible earthbag technique of building and bring them together to support one another in this massive endeavour. We also value the contribution of foreign volunteers and together we can make a difference and leave a lasting legacy for Nepal.” Journey Nepal

This is a repost from Vanessa Sedgwick

Vanessa has just spent 3 months volunteering in Nepal and after a lot of research and preparation, work has now begun to rebuild work schools in the area which were destroyed by the earthquake in April 2015! However it’s not going to be easy and lots of help is needed!




Many hand make light work…so they say!

I can’t promise the work will be light, after all we are filling bags with earth and sticking them together lego fashion (can you tell im not the builder?) but I can say we do need hands.

I have a social media campaign going and a facebook page. I have even contacted hostels around the work asking them to display my posters…so far so good.

Shree has a friend who he was also a trekking customer like me, who is from Vancouver but lives in Japan. Jesse Benson started a funding campaign immediately after the earthquake with plans to come here in December to build classrooms. He has done an amazing job and there will be approx 15 team members coming late December until after the New Year. He has raised over $10,000 usd and and now his team are combining their fundraising efforts. His only requests were a few beers (difficult, but anything is possible in Nepal) and a guitar for the evenings around the camp-fire…Done Jesse… Merry Xmas from me xx

We have had a dining tent donated by Dave Dunstan, and my friend Dambar will be the groups personal Chef…….. we just need volunteers to fill it.

We have plans to do a documentary of the build and will be inviting the media too, Shee had plenty of contacts with all the social work he had done over the years here.

I have met a photo journalist here from the UK who sells his pictures and stories around the world and have convinced him that he should come to see the project once its underway….Publicity

Shree’s trekking company, Epic Adventures have arranged a few options for volunteers, if you haven’t been to Nepal before then the volunteer and trek option if great as it would be sinful to come and not see some of the wonderful sites, or alternatively you can just come and volunteer.


We can make any package fit your timescales and will include airport collection and transport to Fulkarka, we would just ask if you could arrange a collection and collect donations to help keep the project going. for info just email or contact me.

Please tell everyone about our plans, and contact me directly if you have any questions or would like more information.



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