Why I Can’t Wait to Return to Thailand

I first visited Thailand in 2012, aged 18 I was apprehensive but I absolutely loved the country and now 3 years later I’m returning. Many people I’ve spoken to have likened Thailand to the European party destinations and islands such as Magaluf, Zante or Ibiza but there’s so much more to Thailand that partying. In 2012 my friend and I joined a group and travelled from Bangkok to Koh Sok National Park then to Koh Phangan so I can’t wait to experience much more of the country and visit a lot more destinations in Thailand. But here’s why I can’t wait to return!

The Food

I for one love Asian food so loved trying the Thai cuisine! In Bangkok I loved the street food, cooked freshly right in front of you at a cheap price what more could you ask for. From pad Thai to pancakes I’m sure there’s something for everyone! Whilst in Bangkok I also took a Thai cooking class making some of Thailand’s delicious cuisine.


The Views

Visiting Koh Sok National Park was a delight! What a beautiful place, I’d definitely recommend a visit! We stayed in floating bungalows in the middle of Chieow Laan Lake, this bungalow was extremely basic with just a mattress and a mosque net. It was amazing waking up in the middle of a lake with incredible views of Koh Sok National Park. Another highlight was watching the sunrise on Haadrin Beach after the full moon party on the Island of Koh Phangan.


The Parties

From Bangkok to Koh Phangan we sure did party! Alcohol is so cheap in Thailand, in Bangkok we partied on Koh San Road, the main backpackers street in Bangkok, we started in a couple of bars and ended up in a club until the small hours. Spending a week in Koh Phangan, this could be compared to a European party destination, this island is most famously known for hosting the full moon party. We arrived a couple of days before the  Full Moon party and I loved the parties running up to the full moon party much more than the actual thing because it was so busy. Partying on Haadrin beach is amazing, there’s multiple bars along the beach with flaming skipping ropes and slides. We also visited a pool party on the island which was crazy!


The Culture

There’s so much culture and tradition within Thailand and that’s what makes it different from any other destination. Whilst visiting Thailand I visited Buddhist temples, markets, experienced a Thai massage, enjoyed talking to the locals and learnt some strange Thai traditions. One memory I wont forget was waiting in the train station at 6pm and being bewildered because all the Thai’s stopped what they were doing and started chanting the national anthem, apparently this happens daily in public places at 8am and 6pm.


I love exploring destinations and immersing myself within the culture, that’s why I can’t wait to explore more of the land of smile’s culture!

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