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Travel Planning

So I’ve finally completed three years of university, I had my final university exam last week, it’s now a waiting game until June to find out my final degree grade! Then graduation in July – exciting times! So what I am doing now? Traveling!

After three years studying a Tourism Management degree I’ve decided to take a career and study break to go and see the world. I really enjoyed my degree and believe I have gained tons of transferable skills. Until October I’m working full time to earn lots of pennies for my travel.

So until then it’s time to start planning. We’ve just been granted our Australian working visa which is great!

What’s still left to do……

Get our Vietnam visa’s at the embassy in London

Travel injections

– Typhoid

– Hep A & B

– Rabies

– Malaria tablets

Book a hotel for 5 nights in Dubai

Decide a route around South East Asia


The biggest expense has been ticked off our list which is our flights, we bought our flights in March as the deal was so good. After sending out some enquiries to various travel companies the best quote to come back was from Travel Nation who quoted us £875 for Manchester – Dubai, Dubai – Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur – Bali, Bali – Perth, Australia. Without a second thought I rang my boyfriend and the day after it was booked and paid for. We then applied for our Australian working holiday visa which cost £275 – another large expense. We submitted the forms and paid for the visas and we were granted our working holiday visas within 12 hours which allows us to work in Australia for 1 year. We then went to the travel clinic at our local doctors to find out which vaccinations we needed, the nurse was really helpful and printed off all the information we needed for each separate country. Having travelled to South East Asia before I have already had my typhoid and hep A & B injections, unlucky for me the typhoid had run out so I need a booster. The nurse also advised us that we may want to get the rabies injection which is a disease contracted if you are bitten, scratched, licked or bitten by a injected animal and if contracted in a foreign country a blood transfusion is needed and it may not be the cleanest, this costs £160 for a set of 3 injections. She then said we may also need Japanese Encephalitis, which is pasted through mosquitos and usually developed in rural areas around rice fields –  costing a whooping £220 for a set of 2 injections. Having done some research into this disease we decided not to have the vaccinations. Looking at the malaria map it showed the border of Thailand, all of Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia are high risk malaria areas therefore we must take a course of tablet whilst in the risk areas.

So we’ve still got lots of planning and organising but the must expensive things are out of the way.  The next thing to do is book a hotel in Dubai, we aren’t looking for an expensive hotel but somewhere we can relax before embarking on our backpacking trip through South East Asia. Having researched all the visas we need for each country, we also realised that all visas are granted on arrival except Vietnam which requires travellers to go to the embassy. We debating leaving Vietnam off our route due to this, as we will have to make a special trip to London just to get the visas, however we decided whilst nearby we will definitely go to Vietnam! I’ve bought a great Marco Polo South East Asia map from WHSmith’s, which is great for planning our route. We haven’t decided exactly which way to go, or where to go yet but we have a vague idea. As we are flying into Bangkok we will stay in the city for a couple of days before traveling to the North of Thailand to Chang Mai and Chang Rai then from there into Laos via long boat to Louangphrbang then onto Vientiane and to Savannakhet then into Vietnam, Hue, Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh and into Cambodia to Krong Preach Sihanouk, Siem Reap and then back into Thailand to Pattaya. From there we will then go to Southern Thailand to Khao Sok National Park, Phuket into Malaysia to Langkai, George Town, the Cameron Hills and Kuala Lumpur – which we fly out of 2 months after arriving in Bangkok. I am also debating whether to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore for a couple of days and then back before our flight.

From Kuala Lumpur we fly to Bali for 10 days for some peace and tranquillity, it looks beautiful on pictures and I cannot wait to explore the island. From Bali we fly into Perth just in time for my 22nd birthday and Christmas!

Any tips would be much appreciated as well as recommendations on routes, accommodation, trips, things to do.

6 thoughts on “Travel Planning

  1. If you’re taking the Doxy anti-malarials then you really need to wear sunscreen, it makes you very photosensitive.
    You’re going to my adopted home (Viet Nam) and then on to my home (Australia) so I really approve of your itinerary.


      1. I prefer Malarone to Doxy because you only have to take it for aweek after you leave the malaria zone as opposed to 4 weeks afterwards with Doxycycline. Both are very effective but Malarone is quite a bit more expensive than Doxy (my work pays for my anti-malarials so it doesn’t factor much into my decision) .
        I can’t generalise too much about buying them in SE Asia because it is made up of a group of countries all with their own drug prescription rules and regulations. There are several countries where they are available over the counter, but you need to be very careful that you are buying genuine pharmaceuticals as there is a lot of drug counterfeiting in the region and Malarone isn’t as widely available in SE Asia as Doxy is.
        I’d advise doing some research into it and talk to your travel doctor about it, they should have access to websites that show where there are Malaria outbreaks, etc.
        Good luck!


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