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Day trip to London

Being a bartenders girlfriend sometimes has it’s perks and this was definitely one of them! My boyfriend is a bartender and had to take a day trip to London to visit a gin distillery, Sipsmiths in Chiswick.  With one thing and another it just so happened that his colleague could no longer accompany him so luckily for me, I got invited along! Knowing London pretty well I could navigate a clueless Conor.

Leaving Windermere and the weather was miserable, raining and windy. We set off on the 9am train from Windermere which took approximately 3 hours and arrived in sunny London at 12pm. The weather could not have been opposite to that in the North, we immediately starting taking our layers off to enjoy the sunshine. Arriving into Euston we then had to take the tube to the distillery which was located in Chiswick. It’s a good job I was with my boyfriend as he has no idea how to navigate around the tube. We had arranged to meet at 2.30pm so we located the distillery and decided to enjoy a drink in the sun to kill sometime beforehand. We picked a lovely Gastropub, The Roebucks which had a sun trapped beer garden in the back – perfect! I decided to try a Sipsmith’s gin and tonic – gorgeous on a sunny day.


Not having the slightest interest in alcohol or particularly gin I was kind of apprehensive visiting to the distillery with my boyfriend, who is very knowledgeable and can talk for England. Following google maps to the distillery we were a little confused as it was taking us down a residential street, we then arrived at the gates of a builders yard and realised the distillery was at the back. Meeting with Bryony at Sipsmiths was fantastic, she was also very knowledgeable and explained the ins and outs of the product as well as the distilling process which made it really interesting for me. And it got even better when we started tasting the 6 products they have, the London Dry gin and the sloe gin, the sipping vodka, damson vodka and the over proof and the delicious summer cup.


Leaving the distillery a little intoxicated we didn’t have much time left until we had to get our train back to Windermere. We decided to find a restaurant to eat at on the way to Euston station, we got on the tube and decided to get off at embankment to find somewhere to grab a snack. The weather was amazing so there were suited workers outside all of the pubs and bars, we finally found Lupita, an authentic Mexican restaurant it was perfect. We ordered some delicious guacamole and tacos which were amazing before heading back to Euston to catch our train. It was a sweet but short visit to the capital but we will definitely be returning over the summer.


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