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Spanish Cuisine – Do’s and Don’ts’

My boyfriend and I were sent to Spain with a long list of Spanish cuisine to try whilst visiting Malaga, here’s what we liked (and what we didn’t).

Must try Spanish cuisine –

Fresh sardines

On most of the beaches in Malaga you can find a old ship wrecked boat selling the freshest fish. After a hard day sunbathing at the beach we visited the boat for some sardines. We must have had the freshest fish that day, fresh sardines delivered from the sea and cooked right infront of us – delicious!


Fried fish

I must admit it looks disgusting, but tastes amazing! Over the past year I’ve started eating a lot of fish, starting with the traditional cod and haddock, I didn’t think I’d be eating this! When this plate of fried fish, heads still intacked was placed in front of us I was quite shocked but with some persaudion I tried it and loved it!

IMG_8826 IMG_8827

Pil pil prawns

Yummy! Pil pil prawns with a large crusty loaf – amazing! We sat in a restaurant at Malaga port one evening and decided to try all the Spanish cuisine we could – pil pil prawns were my fave!


What not to try –


Cold tomato soup – I wouldn’t recommend this unless you’re one of those people that leaves there tea/coffee to go cold for an hour. Whatever the weather I’d must prefer hot soup.


Crisps and ham combo

Whilst waiting for our dinner one night, this appetitser was plucked infront of us. A pile of crisps with two slices of pepporni on top – very strange and not very tasty (obviously).


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