Europe · Food & Drink

Holidaying with a Drink in Hand

We had to soak up all that food with some alcohol, from beer, cocktails to champagne.

Cruzcampo on the beach, why not! A delicious beer brewed in nearby Seville.


And Cruzcampo Gran Reserva, slightly stronger than the regular Cruzcampo at 4.8% compared to the Cruzcampo Gran Reserva at 6.4%.


The strongest Long Island Iced tea you’ll ever try,  as you can tell by my face! We ordered this cocktail at the hotel rooftop bar and thought it was taking longer than usual, we turned around and saw the bartender pouring all kinds of spirits into this cocktail – I don’t think they do measurements in Spain.

IMG_8869  IMG_8871

‘When in Malaga’ we couldn’t not have a bucket of beer. In must restaurants and bars in Malaga you get buy a bucket of beer for a really cheap price!


And we ended our trip in style with a glass of champagne in a teppanyaki restaurant on Malaga port.


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