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Nuture Lakeland, Volunteering Experience

I have been lucky enough to volunteer at Nurture Lakeland for the past three months and have enjoyed every minute of it. Currently studying a BA (Hons) in International Tourism Management in Preston, I volunteer at Nurture Lakeland once a week.

As I am continually keeping up to date with the tourism industry and whilst I was browsing the World Responsible Tourism Awards shortlist for 2013, I came across Nurture Lakeland, who had been shortlisted for the Best for Responsible Tourism Campaigning. Researching further into the organisation, I realised that Nurture Lakeland were situated just down the road from where I lived in Windermere and offered volunteering opportunities. Currently in my 2nd year of a BA (Hons) International Tourism Management Degree, Nurture Lakeland has given me the opportunity to enhance my learning in a real life workplace putting what I am learning in my degree to use in the real world. In my second year, I am studying modules including Marketing Management for Tourism, Tourism Sustainability and Development, Applied Research and Service Quality in Tourism, Talent Management and Employability and The Tourist: Behaviour and Culture.

Volunteering at Nurture Lakeland has helped me with all these modules especially the Tourism Sustainability and Development module giving me real life projects to work on such as the Drive Less, See More, Love Your Lakes and Fix the Fells campaigns. I have also used what I’ve learnt from Nurture Lakeland within my studies, recently doing an assignment on the balance between tourism and the environment assessing the current situation of the Lake District giving consideration for local and national policies surrounding tourism development and sustainability.

Throughout university I have discovered that it is crucial to gain as much industry experience as possible, but found it difficult to find appropriate work experience within this sector however volunteering at Nurture Lakeland has complimented my studies perfectly.

In the short time I’ve been volunteering at Nurture Lakeland I’ve already been involved in a variety of different projects. I have been continually working on the Drive Less, See More campaign, working with new software such as InDesign to make car free travel itineraries and posters. As well as working on the Visitor Giving Scheme, making and conducting a questionnaire for visitors. The purpose of this questionnaire was to gain insight into whether visitors were aware of the Visitor Giving Scheme, the likelihood of them donating and which campaign they would be most likely to donate to.

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