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REVIEW: Eurostar, London to Brussels

Eurostar – 7/10

Setting out from UCLan, Preston with 8 other students and our lecturer we board the Virgin Pendolino to London Euston. We were heading to Aachen Germany, which compromised of a Virgin train from Preston to London, Eurostar from London to Brussels and an ICE train from Brussels to Aachen. The purpose of our visit was to attend a Citizen Rail Masterclass in Aachen, which was focused around rail transport.

Walking the short 10 minutes between London Euston and London St Pancras we checked our Eurostar tickets to find out we had First Class tickets, what a surprise! Cruising through check in and passport control we boarded the Eurostar and was a little disappointed to say the least! First Class? Old fashioned and tired, we then rethought the ticket situation.. maybe we were in Standard Class after all.
After settling into our seats which I must admit were pretty spacious, we set off from London through the channel tunnel into France. After about 40 minutes a man opened the doors and entered with a food trolley. Much like on an aeroplane the moment I see the food trolley my face lights up! I must admit I’m a sucker for airline food, wondering what the little goodies will be in store. As the man approached us with his trolley asking which food we’d like and we realised this was first class. Mango chicken, a bread roll and chocolate tart – not bad. With complimentary alcohol and refreshments throughout the journey it made up for the poor interior!

Complimentary meal

Overall the service was good, the journey was comfortable and it felt like we arrived in Brussels in no time! Much to our disappointed we had standard class tickets for travelling home, it was a nice experience! I can’t comment on the price as it was paid for my university however I believe it’s about £120 return London to Aachen, which I think is pretty good value. I’d definitely travel on the Eurostar again and may even look into interrail tickets in the future.

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