Medersa Ben Youssef, Marrakech

Having only the northern medina left to explore we walked through the souks to the Musee de Marrakech. The museum is housed in an old palace which has a central courtyard complete with a fountain and exquisite tile work. We didn’t spend all that long in the museum as all of the signs were in Arabic or French. On the way out we stopped for a drink in the courtyard cafe which serves Moroccan cakes and mint tea.

Next to the Museum was the Medersa Ben Youssef which is a Koranic school. This is one of the few Islamic religious sites that is open to non Muslims. This building is from the 14th century and was rebuilt in 1570, it was one of the largest centres of religious education in North Africa but hasn’t been used as a school since 1960. It was beautiful inside with a large courtyard with a pool in the middle. Upstairs were dozens of small rooms which were once used as student rooms. From the student rooms you could look down onto the courtyard and take great pictures.

Musee de Marrakech    schol   school

Leaving the northern medina we headed back through the souks buying yet more products including candles, scarfs, and pottery. When in Rome, hey! The products and prices are just too good not to! There’s so many things I’d like to buy for my own house, I guess I’ll have to return when that day comes!

2   souks

From the main square, Jemaa el Fna we got on a caliche ride which is a horse drawn carriage this took us towards the new city where there was some international and boutique shops such as Zara, Mango and Monsoon. Although I felt very sorry for the poor horses pulling the carriage in 45 degree heat it was a nice change from a taxi ride.


We had a lovely meal on the terrace of the Kasbah bar, I had chicken skewers which came on a wooden board with a long bar to hang them from. After our meal we walked towards the Jemaa el Fna where my mum was asked ‘how many camels for your daughter’ ha ha.


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