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REVIEW: Bullet Train, Japan

The Bullet Train, Japan – 9/10

The Bullet Train or Shinkansen trains are one of the fastest trains in the world and definitely the easiest and fastest way to travel around Japan.  There are direct services that run from Tokyo to Shin Osaka which also stop at Nagoya and Kyoto.

When I travelled Japan I traveled from Tokyo to Nagoya onwards to Kyoto then to Osaka and back to Tokyo. We boarded the Bullet Train in Tokyo with our JR Pass, which also works on all national trains and buses in Japan and the Narita Airport Express. You can purchase the JR pass for 7, 14 or 21 days, it’s fairly pricey but does cover all travel in Japan. It’s 28,948 YEN, £205 or $341 AUD for 7 days, it’s 46,096 YEN, £326 or $543 AUD for 14 days and it’s 59,339 YEN, £420 or $699 AUD for 21 days – that’s for economy, it’s even more for green class (or business class to us).

The economy class is similar to an airplane, the seats are fairly comfortable, with a good amount of legroom and reclining chairs. Many of the trains have vending machines but a member of the catering team also passed through the train offering food and drinks as well. The trip was comfortable with amazing views from Tokyo to Nagoya passing Mount Fuji, which you can often see on a clear day, the trip was just over an hour and a half.


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