New York City

New York, New York. As soon as I arrived in the Big Apple I was taken a back by the hustle and bustle of the city. I fell in love immediately.

From the Staten Island Ferry, Rockefeller Centre, Empire State Building, Central Park, Time Square and all the other iconic attractions in New York you could not be stuck with what to do, only picking which one to do first.

I was whisked to New York City for my 18th birthday, just before Christmas. 4 days in the Big Apple experiencing all the sights. Although we did all the iconic sights of New York we also delved into some of the more unusual attractions New York has to offer. So here’s a few of my favourites!
545131_10150615318876534_2146441497_n (2)

Cycling over the Brooklyn Bridge

Cycling over the Brooklyn Bridge is a must. There are bike rental companies aligning the entrance to the bridge with reasonable prices, about $20 dollars for 1/2 hours which is plenty of time to go there and back. Taking a leisurely cycle over the Brooklyn Bridge with plenty of stops for photo opportunities. From the Brooklyn Bridge you can capture great views of the Financial District and the Hudson River.
383298_10150464536286534_483747680_nCycling along the Brooklyn Bridge

The Highline

Everyone knows the iconic attractions of New York, but not this hidden Gem. The Highline! The Highline is an abandoned railway track which runs for a mile along the Lower Eastside of Manhattan. This abandoned railway line has been transformed into a quirky walkway above the city, hosting views of the Lower Eastside, the Hudson River and a peeking Empire State Building. This is ideal come summer and winter. This is an enjoyable, creative walkway for locals and visitors alike.

Katz Deli? try the Pink Pony.
We had heard a lot of great things about Katz Deli so decided to take a look for ourselves. When we arrived we greeted with a long queue, so poked our head’s inside to find an average looking diner. We decided against following the herd and continued down the road. Which is where we stumbled across the Pink Pony, a laid back, French cuisine Bistro. We were delighted with the atmosphere, service and tasty food we were so glad we hadn’t wasted our time queuing at Katz Deli.

The Tenement Museum 

The tenement museum is located in an actual tenement and displays the history of immigrants arriving in New York and making the Lower East Side their new home. There are a number of tenement tours and talks but we choose the Irish talk. The tour was thoroughly enjoyable and interesting, we had a tour around the tenement building and the guide had a lot of knowledge about the building and the history of the area.

Staten Island Ferry
It’s a free commuter ferry departing Whitehall Terminal, Manhattan every 20 minutes. Why bother paying for a boat tour when you can board the Staten Island Ferry, which is iconic to New York and free!! We boarded the Staten Island ferry just before dusk consequently getting incredible views in both day light and as darkness was falling over New York City. The Staten Island Ferry is the perfect opportunity to capture amazing pictures of Manhattan and also the Statue of Liberty. Once you arrive at Staten Island it is obligatory that everyone disembarks which means you have a small wait for the next ferry back to Manhattan.

Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry

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