Day 13 – Yosemite to Sacramento

Really sorry to leave Yosemite today our time here has been perfect but much too short, we decided to spend most of the day here before moving on. Loaded the car up and saw that a bear had broken into one of the cars in the car park, it had prised the back window open to get to whatever must of been left in there, glad it wasn’t our car, that would of been a good one for the insurance (sorry a bear has broken into our car!!).

Another hot day we first got the valley shuttle to the start of the Mirror Lake walk, not a long walk but again incredible views and the opportunity to  cool down in the Lake we were sorry we hadn’t taken swimsuits it was so hot again and all we could do was paddle.

Next back to Yosemite village for lunch and then another short walk to lower Yosemite fall, impressive views of both the lower and upper falls. Then time to leave, must come back again one day so much more to do and see. Drove to Sacramento arriving early evening and found somewhere to stay easily.

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