Day 2 – Universal Studio’s, LA

We were up early and ready for your day at Universal Studios, it was a decision between Universal or Disney but we decided for Universal.

We just about managed to negotiate the freeway with out any problems and got to Universal Studios about 9.30am and headed straight for the Studio tour, we all climbed onto the bus and the American guide began the tour. The tour showed loads sets including Notting Hill, Wisteria Lane of Desperate Housewives, Wicked and many more films. The newly added King Kong 3D was only opened yesterday and was reviewed in the LA Times as the The Worlds most intense 3D Experience, which was good but for us the most exciting ride was definitely ‘The Simpson’s Ride’ a simulated roller coast ride, it was so good we went twice.

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Our top 5 at Universal.
1. The Simpson’s, hilarious
2. House of Horrors, very scary
3. Jurassic Park, wet, we got absolutely soaked
4. The Studio Tour, informative
5. Water world, action & adventure

A fantastic day, we spend over 10 hours there and saw everything that we wanted to, it was busy but if we had to queue it wasn’t for long. After the visit we had dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe in City Walk which was delicious before returning to our hotel in Marina Del Ray.

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